Known as the wild child of the marketing department, social media was previously something that people did not really mind going to, to say whatever they wanted without any repercussions. However, times have changed greatly and the industry has really matured. 
Social media is a very wonderful place and it has a significant impact on the business; both big and measurable. Social media now goes in line with every business and is an integral part of the business
In order to ensure that the social media marketing campaign is in line with the business objectives, here is a 7 step winning social media strategy that will help you in attaining that.

Ensure That the Social Goals Solve Challenges
Goal setting is a staple of all business and marketing strategies. Social media is also no exception. With a different range of social capabilities, it can be very difficult to determine what the objectives ideally should be. A good social media marketing campaign answers questions such as has your website traffic dipped, is your customer loyalty low, do you need to ensure that people are aware of the existence of your product and so on. Thus a good social media marketing campaign should answer all of these questions. There are certain challenges that are involved in a winning social media strategy. These include weak brand awareness and low website traffic. Social media permits you to reach a broader audience. In order to create a lasting and authentic brand awareness, it is important to avoid using promotional messages. It is then better to focus on creating meaningful content and a very stringent brand personality via social channels. You should determine the right meta tags and other hash tags that the industry influencers can engage with and then tap in these resources to extend the brand’s overall awareness. Another challenge is to tackle low website traffic. In order to combat this challenge, the social team should focus its goals on making links that are direct to the website. Relevant links should be used as well as company images to position the website and your brand as a resource rather than just setting up something in the corporate wheel. This will in turn increase the leads and help in generating revenues.

Keep Up With the Industry Trends
Try to keep up on the latest industry trends by maintaining a finger on the pulse of trending topics and stories that are in line to the target market. It should always be on the top of your to-do list. You should keep your posts timely in order to improve the organic reach of the post.

Create A Cross Platform Strategy
The most famous companies leverage social media to expand their influence on various platforms. Aside from being on Twitter and Facebook, they are enriching the brand with Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and others. Whenever you add a post on any of these sites, make sure you optimize it keeping in mind search engine optimization and all its techniques. It is good to read up on the best SEO techniques in order to learn more about how you can optimize your pages. Also make sure that you emphasize on on-page optimization and off-page optimization both.

A good social media strategy works on a template. The template outlines everything that should be incorporated in a good strategy. You can formulize the strategy yourself or get help from us.

FREEDOWNLOAD: The Social Media alignment template to make sure you are getting the most out of your social media posts

The 70-30 Rule Works Well
The 70-30 rule is one that should not be forgotten. This involves maintaining seventy percent engaging content and 30% promotional content. The 70 percent you add should be useful for the reader and should also be interesting. The last 30 percent should be interactive and engaged. The final 30 percent of the content should be valuable. Moreover the content should employ the right search engine optimization techniques and have all the additional on page optimization and off page optimization techniques both to promote it on web pages. It should also contain the right meta tags. Read up more on the best SEO techniques or how search engine optimization works in order to find out more about how to fully optimize your pages.

Create Engaging Content
You must make sure you create engaging content when you are adding this on your social media. This content involves adding videos, guides and infographics. Moreover, the content should contain the best SEO techniques to promote your page on Google web master. It should also have the right meta tags and have both on page optimization and off page optimization techniques both.

Never Neglect the Audience
Once you start to catch the attention of the audience you must make sure that they should feel special. You must at all times respond to their comments and soothe their concerns and answer all their queries. You must also try to stay consistent in your messaging and ensure that you maintain a professional demeanor. Responding to the audience makes sure that they are important and it then promotes them to engage more.

Reassess and Revise 
You should take the information that you pull from the analytics and then adjust them according to your strategy. Social media is extremely fluid and therefore the strategy must remain flexible and agile. You should definitely try to change things up time and again to ensure that your strategies are in line with your goals.

Boost Images and Profiles
Images are a very useful SEO magnet. The problem however is that they are often overlooked in favor of the written content. This however is a very big mistake. Your images should be optimized and should be flashy as they act as a very powerful SEO magnet. There is plenty of information available online regarding how to boost and optimize social media profiles. Doing this will allow people to find your profile and ultimately visit your profile.

Social media in these days allows you to really make your business profile and due to this very reason, there is a crucial need to have the right social media strategy. Content plays an important role in social media and therefore apart from being high quality, the content should have on page optimization, off page optimization and should also employ the best SEO techniques there are.

Formulizing a winning social media strategy is very time consuming and highly painful. People can usually ask someone to get this done for them for this very reason. However, WTFOX offers the reader a free customized marketing report along with customized samples to show them how campaigns can look. If you are looking for a free marketing report, click here.