The struggle to keep customer engagement is something that many business owners and bloggers face. It can be frustrating seeing high bounce rates and low customer conversion, so how can you boost your numbers without spending a fortune? We've come up with 7 free social media hacks for boosting customer engagement that will have you jumping for joy.

1) Use Free Social Media Tools

Improving social media engagement requires a lot of time and effort. Individual tweets are necessary, but some things must be automated. After all, who has the time to sit down and pump out hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts each day? Thankfully, there are several free online tools that help you manage social media with features like scheduled posts and analytics. Hootsuite and TweetDeck are just a couple free tools that help you organize and prioritize to create a larger social media following. If you're unaware of your current numbers:

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2) Improve Your Visuals

Businesses and bloggers take for granted how visual their followers are. One of the most under-utilized tools on the internet is Pinterest. This site is highly visual, and users are looking for stunning graphics and engaging content that makes them want to click. The same holds true for other social media sites. Twitter users retweet 35% more when there's a picture attached, and Facebook's engagement rate is even higher. No one's saying you have to go out and buy Photoshop (which is very spendy indeed!). You can use free image providers like Pixabay that have exclusive royalty-free images and edit them with free image editors like PicMonkey or Canva.

3) Host A Giveaway

Everyone loves free stuff. One of the best ways to drive engagement on your site is to host a contest or giveaway. There are several ways to use this to your advantage. For example, you could grow your email and followers list at the same time by requiring people to sign up in order to enter, or you can increase customer conversion by adding a contest entry for them when they purchase a particular product. You can further increase follower acquisition by asking people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter for more updates. Most likely, they'll still remain your follower even after the contest ends. People very rarely go to the trouble of finding your page just to unfollow you after a contest is done. They'll be hanging around to see if they can win the next one.

4) Engage Readers With Questions

All you have to do is ask. Consider adding a unique question to your posts that readers will want to answer. Perhaps you wrote about your favorite skin care products and want your readers to talk about their own. You can also hold Q&A sessions where your followers can ask questions about your company and products. Google Hangouts and Twitter are popular mediums for these types of sessions. Once people see that you're open to questions and concerns, you'll establish yourself as a participating member of the online community and gain credibility.

5) Get To Know Your Audience

No method is as good as being able to know your audience. Customers want a brand that understands them on a personal level, so take the time to get to know your customer base. Customer conversion rates and follower acquisition will be much higher if you're creating social media posts that they can identify with. Several online brands are notable for the clever and personal way they engage with customers. We're not saying that you have to be a comedian; just don't be a robot. Customers love it when brands reveal behind-the-scenes details that show their human side because they often forget that companies are comprised of real people. Be personal. Be professional. Most of all, be personable.

6) Customize Your Content

Social media is unique in that each platform has a specific formula for success. This means that creating content that is the same across each of these platforms will hinder you. For example, your visual media for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest won't work to their fullest potential without reframing it to fit those site's image specifications. Each site recommends a different image size, so it's best to have multiple frames and sizes for any visual media you plan to use. Remember: your customers are highly visual, so don't cut corners by posting a picture on Pinterest that's too small or oddly shaped.

7) Participate In The Online Community

One of the cardinal rules for bloggers is that you have to engage with other bloggers to build a community. The online world is very much give and take, and you need to reciprocate in order to grow your following. No one's going to want to follow you if you keep to yourself and expect an audience to show up. By commenting on other people's blogs, you're putting your name and a link to your sites out there for others to see. Businesses can provide helpful informational links to increase traffic to both their sites and others', establishing a relationship with other brands and bloggers in the process.

Although these are all great ways to increase social media engagement, it can get overwhelming for business owners, even with helpful online tools. It's still time-consuming and takes a lot of work. Thankfully, there are those willing to help you through the process of increasing your following and marketing skills. WTFOX is offering a free customized marketing plan, which you can get by clicking here. They'll help you get on the right track with customized samples to show what your social media campaign really looks like. If you need to boost your sales and get more leads, let us help you with your social media campaigns today.