Real Time GPS Trackers

4G GPS Tracker and Magnetic Case

The 4G LTE Micro Tracker and Magnetic case is a real time GPS Tracking device that lasts up to 3 weeks on a single charge. It can be placed on any magnetic surface such as the outside of a vehicle. The Spy Spot GPS Tracker is easy to place and can be placed outside a vehicle on a magnetic surface.

4G OBD Vehicle Tracker

The 4G OBD Tracker simply plugs into the OBD 2 port. It provides up to minute updates and stays constantly powered. It installs within seconds to provide real time tracking.

4G Hardwire Tracker Kill Switch

The 4G Hardwire Tracker is professionally installed behind the dashboard and provides real time GPS Tracking. It is virtually undetectable and also has a kill switch which allows you to remotely disable the ignition from any location.

WiFi Cameras

WIFI Wall Plug Charger Camera

The Wall Plug Charger streams video and audio on any device using iOS or Android. The charger actually functions and needs to plug into an outlet in order to record. Recordings can be saved onto a micro SD card and text notifications can be sent to a smart phone.

WIFI Clock Video Camera

The WIFI Clock Camera is a high definition video camera that can be viewed remotely from any device running iOS or Android. It streams at a resolution of 1080P and connects directly through a wireless router. Recordings can also be saved onto a micro SD card. Features include motion activated recording, night vision, and scheduled recording times.

WIFI Round Video Camera

The HD WIFI Round Camera is a miniature camera that can be placed in a variety of locations and viewed in real time using any device with iOS or Android. Recordings can be saved onto a micro SD card and supports motion activated recording as well as night vision.

Spy Equipment

Portable Motion Hidden Camera

The Portable HD Camera is a video recording device that features motion activated recording, voice activated recording, and body heat trigger recording. The camera can record continuously for up to 24 hours or has a standby battery life of up to 6 months. It has night vision for recording in low light as well as looped recording and a wide angle lens.

HD Spy Pen Camcorder

The HD Spy Pen Camcorder records in 1080P high definition video and can record audio as well. The lens is located directly above the clip and recordings are saved onto a micro SD card.

HD Keychain Camera

The Keychain Camera is a full high definition 1080P video camera that records video and audio. The camera supports infrared, still photos, as well as motion activated recording.

HD Watch Camera

The HD Watch Camera records high definition video in clear 1080P resolution. It is a fully functioning watch that records both video and audio. The camera has built in memory and can easily be played back using any computer.

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